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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Going into the closet
I haven't said too much up until now about my previously blissful "empty nest" as it is no longer empty and I've been adjusting to the manic, chaotic, noisy, wacky house that I again share with my two grown children and the other child that I married.

For roughly 5 months, it was me, my dog and my spouse and given our rather divergent hours, I had the place to myself every weekday evening. I liked it. ALOT. I relearned how to be alone and to do stuff with my time that I forgot how to do, like shave my legs, use hair spray, listen to Pink Floyd really loud, etc. The dog liked it too cuz he got me all to himself and got taken on many walks, had me seranade him, groom him and treat him like my best bud.

All is lost. I am desperately trying to find quiet corners in the house to hide from these needy people who seem lost without my presence. As long as they cant find me, they seem to get along reasonably well, but if they catch so much as a glimps of me, they become infants.

Whats up with that?