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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Monday, August 06, 2007
Gone but not forgotten
Seems there are a growing number of things I can't do any more. Blogging is only one of those things and I miss it. I have no time left in a week for anything that could be described as enjoyable and bitterness is setting in. The part that I must include in the rant is that not one thing can be eliminated at present. Its all about others and/or working and its not about me.

Let me list things that are gone but not forgotten;
1. Long, hot, relaxing baths
2. Dinners with friends
3. Creativeness (cooking, painting, beading, etc)
4. Spending time with my siblings
5. Dressing up
6. Flirting
7. Going out to dance or eat
8. Physical strength
9. Emotional fortitude

and the list goes on.

The reasons are many and the story sad and long so I won't bore you.
Suffice it to write that I blog when I can and will keep trying until there comes a time when I'm a fun gal again.