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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Monday, September 18, 2006
Need Input
Just getting used to the new blogger stuff and screwing things up all the time. Could be cuz I'm not such a good blogger these days. Seems that work has become my entire life these last two months and I rarely feel like doing anything but flaking out when I get home.

Had to clean up the house yesterday as an old family friend came for dinner. Nothing like shame to get things moving. At least the house is reasonably clean on the surface. Just don't look too hard!

Finally found an LP that I tried hard to find for years. I couldn't remember the name of the artist or the album and it finally came to me as I was sitting in my back yard.
Tim Buckley ...."Greetings From L.A." I think I fell in love all over again!

Find it ...Play it...then tell me if you like it the way I do and then tell me why I like it so much.

songs are Surrender, Nighthawkin'. Get On Top, etc.

I want you to hear this album.
Sunday, September 10, 2006
Concert 3

Originally uploaded by arlunydd.
Just another peek.

These posts are published backwards so read on..
Concert 2

Originally uploaded by arlunydd.
The photo is lousy as its nearly impossible to hold a camera above your head with people jostling you and focus properly. This one is enhanced with the help of Picasa.
Hip Concert

Originally uploaded by arlunydd.
So the Tragically Hip was, as per usual, fantastic! The concert was held in an enormous field just outside Stratford and was only just beginning to fill up when we arrived at 4:30pm. Thought we'd get there early as no-one seemed to know who the warm-up bands were. As it turned out, the first two were unimpressive and instantly forgettable, which is why I'm not giving you their names.

Hocksley Workman was up just prior to The Hip and I loved them. Weird, funky, and hugely entertaining. We stood not far from the stage, (far enough back that our eardrums weren't sent into shock) and tried mightily to maintain our spot as The Hip arrived.

Half way through The Hip we had to escape as the crush was incredible. Drunken madmen, stoned screamers and perverts squished us into a tiny area so tight that I thought I'd have an anxiety attack.

The photo os of Princess MustHaveA(left) , my friend Heather (right) and the Princesses friend Brandy (front). I'm behind the camera so as to maintain my mysterious personna.
Friday, September 08, 2006
I feel like Mr Rogers some times. I have so many chatty neighbours that a walk with the dog that should take roughly 30 minutes, most often is an hour and a half. I'm not complaining. I have never lived anywhere like this , where people actually like each other, want to spend time together, are interested in your life and want to help if they can.

It's unnerving for the Mole as he is a very, very private sort and likes to socialise with those he chooses. I, on the other hand, attract friends like I'm wearing fly paper and find that I simple run out of time every day to visit with everyone.

I will admit, however, that because of the job I do and the fact that I spend 10 hours a day talking to people I don't know, find all this comraderie a bit much at times. I really must be some kind of social butterfly if I'm not completely burned out after all these years, huh?

A blogger friend (TC) suggested that because of my current staffing problems that I close one day a week and I say "Thanks TC", for the idea, I might even do it. Another blog friend ask the question, "What is different about blog friends" and I think I know the answer because I've given it some thought.....

On a blog you can pose thoughts, ideas, problems, experiences and send it out into the ether with a few comments. Wait a day or so and then recieve a huge variety of responses from people from a vast variety of backgrounds and then PICK AND CHOSE those that you feel fit your world view. You know that nobody gets hurt, nobody expects anything from you and you still have all your friends intact. This is something that cannot be done with the usual friendship and something a person wouldn't even attempt. And this is why I value friends of all types; the neighbourly ones, the work ones, the lifelong ones, the family ones and the blog ones.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006
I have to hire someone soon or I am going to do something very very bad. It could be I sneer instead of smile sweetly. OR, it could be I answer a simple question with heaps of sarcasm and bile. I have lost two employees and I'm on my own and I am open 7 days a week! The girls (or young women) who worked for me have gone back to school (tired of the retail life) and I am too stubborn to train someone to find out they are quietly stealing from me. Yeah. Its happened!

I just know someone is going to happen upon me and I'll know...I'll just know!
She'll have an aura of sweetness and be as patient as a saint and love people and beads and WANT to answer 5,000,000 questions everyday about inane subjects that are, quite frankly, obvious from the start.

She'll be a mixture of Mary Poppins and Judge Judy and will know what to do in every concievable situation from toddlers pouring formula into the bead jars, to answering the same question 5 different ways for the "bead challenged" hard of hearing. Oh, and don't kid yourself. There really are bead challenged people out there.

In the meantime, I fantasise about Rome. Tonight, I'm lying on my back in the Apex at St. Peters, staring heavenward at the marvels above. When the guards arrive to drag my away i will....