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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Tuesday, March 07, 2006
50 Things
1) I was born in Sherbrooke, Quebec a long time ago.
2) My Big Brother (super geek) attempted to break my arm when I was just a little girl. (He didn't succeed .... yet), although he did manage to inflict me with bursitus(grammar), for which I must endure painful injections of cortisone now.
3) I love dogs and think people who treat their pets less than the family member that they are, should be shot and then chained up in a mud pit in the yard for two years, fed once a week and yelled at every time they try to say something.
4) I believe that everyone has the right to live the way they chose as long as it doesn't cause pain to another human being, animal or the environment in which they live.
5) I love sci-fi, (Star Gate, Firefly, etc.)
6) I will read just about anything but I really sink my teeth into murder/suspence.
7) There are few people I truly respect.
8) Nothing excites my more than potential. A blank canvas, a wall, a stack of pretty paper, all have great potential.
9) Although I try to be patient, on the inside, there is seismic activity.
10) The one thing that makes me want to grow hair on my back and howl at the moon is the use of guilt and manipulation, a technique I have refused to apply to my parenting style.
11) I hate that kids just never seem to leave home! GO..GODAMN IT!
12) I never want to be a Grandma
13) Being married (for Me) is like being an indentured servant with no benifits.
14) I sing to my dog!
15) My big brother is, (secretly), my hero - after my Dad.
16) I smoke and I hate it.
17) Really intelligent people intimidate me.
18) Though I try not to be, I think I'm a lousy parent.
19) By a nasty twist of fate, I ended up with big feet.
20) Despite all my grumping, I think I really need routine.
21) There aren't that many interesting things to say about me.
22) I see the world in shades of grey - unlike my spouse who is all "Black and White".
23) Its been over 12 years since my Dad passed away and I still miss him like he died yesterday.
24) And this is a big one ...my nickname, (given to me by my big brother who now adores me) was HAGIS! Don't ask. It's nasty.
25) I am a top knotch "critter spotter", just ask anyone.
26) My relationship with my Mother is and has always been based on her emotionally stunted world view. Its at best, tolerable and at worst, near homocidal.
27) People like me. Thats cuz I'm nice!
28) Dogs LOVE me. Even the Akeda that everyone is terrified of, who's name is Tundra and who loves to jump up on me, knock me to the ground and smother my face with huge sloppy kisses. He's broken two pairs of sunglasses so far this year - but thats cool.
29) My ultimate goal is to retire from work and the busy life and to live somewhere peaceful where I can paint, throw pottery and pursue my interests in art and nature.
30) My one violent event was when I hit Dianne Z. over the head with my math book in grade 6. After enduring a year of unrelenting bullying because of my English accent, I snapped! Sue me.
31) I like to walk at night so I can look in peoples windows to see how they decorate their homes! I do this from the sidewalk, OK?
32) I have ZERO interest in competitive sports.
33) Just BB here testing stuff. Seems to work fine.

THIS IS DAMN HARD - 18 more things about me, huh?