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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Just keep limber
I have an entire 30 minutes to blog this morning. Not enough time to clean the fridge (something died in there, but as long as the door is closed, its all good). Not enough time to start laundry (OK...enough time, I just can't face the DEEP FREEZE of my basement right now), and not enough time to start any new drawings as I just get frustrated when I can't finish things. Not enough time to clean the bathroom as I need a blow torch and a commercial vacuum to do the job properly.

So, after a few minutes chatting with my brother and girl friend on the internet, I am here. I am not here nearly often enough. I find this place a truly creative space. I can ramble uncensored, pretend I'm someone I'm not, or just blow steam like I have in my last two entries (for which I was chastised for sounding too depressing). Thankfully, with some chemical intervention, the blues are at bay and I am feeling a lot more like myself again. Thanks for the tip BB. I was told a few times by others close to me, but I thought they were just bitching. You know how things are, life just gets a hold of your nickers and won't let go until you have a wedgey rash.

I have to leave in a minute but puppy has been walked, run, played with and loved up so I can leave without too much guilt. He has eaten way too much exhaust infused snow and is feeling a wee bit sickly at the moment. Is it any frigging wonder our dogs die of all kinds of cancer these days? In the summer it's pestsicide, in the winter it's poison snow. Well, this boy is my prize. He is damn well going to live to be at least 15. I take VERY good care of him and give him the best of everything. He deserves it.

Gotta run. I know this wasn't the most inspired blog but I will try harder later. Just wan't to keep in practice and keep these old fingers from ceasing up.
Thursday, January 01, 2009
And so it begins... A NEW YEAR YOU SAY! Wanna know what I say? Too bad...I'm going to tell you anyway. A new year means nothing. Its a day, just another f---king day folks. The numbers changed by a digit, but that's about it. Maybe you see it as your chance to make new promises that you probably won't keep, or maybe you "resolve" to try harder at things you just sucked at last year. In any case, you could do that on any day...say how does February 15th sound? That is going to be MY official new years days. AND on that day I resolve to look back and feel NOTHING about the last 12 months, feel no remorse, no sadness, no ill will...NOTHING.

I am not a sentimental person, I am not gushing with good will and I am no fool. I know what I suck at and I know I'll probably find another dozen or so reasons I just can't improve. But I do know this. I like the person that I am now. It took a while but I figure I'm OK. Another lousy year like the last one ain't going to change me except to make me even stronger.

So here's to you and another day...another month and yet another year. Hope I'm here to blog about it for some time to come.