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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Sunday, January 31, 2010
Its a miracle
I can't believe its still here. I haven't given blogging any thought in the last year, but for some weird reason, I began to think about it again. I guess its a little like a diary and excercise for my writing. Yes, I write. I am currently writing a book for young adults ( or kids around 9 or 10 really). My last effort is being sent out to publishers (5 rejections so far), its about an ant who defies his reason d'etre. As soon as I get a bite, I will reveal more details. But for now I will content myself with writing on my blog and continued writing of my book.

I have moved (or we have moved) and we now live in a lovely little cottage which, although still in the city, feels as though we are tucked away in the countryside.. Our lane or driveway is between two homes and the house itself is hidden from view. The garden is a story book and the very best part is that I now have my own studio. I have a place to create and create I do. I have completed one gorgeous quilt which now is on our bed and looks spectaculr. I am half done another quilt which is for my Mums 80th birthday and I have made her a pair of flannel PJ's.

Apart from sewing, I have begun another oil painting titled "The Camel Traders" and I have run some beading workshops. My studio is the best place I know. Its where the imagination flies freely and where the journey is far more important than the destination.

I will make a better effort to blog about life here on Edgehill. Its such a wonderful place. I want to share it with you.