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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Sunday, April 30, 2006
Share, share alike
One more day and I have a whole new, empty Flickr account. I have pics of the Mole that I'm dying to show you. This will further my previous rant (for those who were reading) about the piggishness of a Mole...can a Mole be a pig? OH YEAH!!!

Otherwise, I have decided after 40 some years, that sharing is crap.
No more sharing for me.
I have shared every damn thing my entire life as it was a requirement. "Share with your little sister, share with your little brother" SHARE SHARE SHARE!
I have shared my time, my space, my energy, my love, my dinner right off my plate, my hospitality, my compassion, my make-up, my clothes, my food, my creativity, my cell phone, my money AND NOW....AND NOW they want to share my blog.....I DO NOT THINK SO.

I tried 4 times tonight to sit down a read my blog and post comments on other blogs and each time a family leach stood over my shoulder until, when I could not stand it any longer, I gave up and walked away.

Is this weird? I simply can't do it. Blogging and checking out blog friends is all mine and I do not want to share it. I WILL NOT SHARE IT.
Saturday, April 29, 2006
Sun, Solitude and Selfishness
It has been a day to remember...I am about to get into the bath after a long and relaxing day in the garden. The sun has been comfortably warm, the house quiet -No Mole, No Kiddies (just me and the dog), and after a quick run to the LLCBO, (Ontario Liqour store) I am slurping a Margurita(grammar).

I doesn't get much better than this my friends. Now all I need is a plate of shrimp, one of my favorite TV shows and an early night and I just might be 5 years younger when I wake up tomorrow!

I hope everyone is getting some of this weather. It rally rejuvenates the soul. I just might go out tomorrow and buy a new drafting table to set up in my bedroom so I can begin doing watercolours again!

Phew! I really am feeling good.
Friday, April 28, 2006
Thinly Veiled Derision
It should be noted that I am not a vindictive, malicious sort of gal, but when thwarted, I smolder like a briquette, until I finally catch fire. This was not always my MO, as I am of Celtic blood and was known for my immediate and passionate response to things unfair, but with the passing of time, age and alot of red wine, I have mellowed considerably. It may also be noted that "life with The Mole" is somewhat brain squishing and there are times that I am so completely GOB-STOPPED that I have NO response at all. In fact, I may well have developed a "psycho-social disorder" as of late that has me hatching plots involving severe torture, mutilation and other FUN things involving The Mole as "victim". Maybe chasing the poor rodent around with a blow torch fricaseeing him like a BBQed marshmallow?
Upon reporting to me that he had given out my blog address to his parents, a moment of sheer "brain-dead-ness", he then looked at me like a 4 year old who had just pissed in my Cheerios. I pointed out to him (once I had found my squeaky voice), that this may have been a very BAD thing and all of a sudden The Mole muses and looks heavenward. An intense look appears on his otherwise "smug mug" and the implications of said act, is realized!!! He recovers with aplomb, and then blurts out the first ridiculous thing that pops into his wee brain which went like this; "well now you can become a BETTER BLOGGER!" God help me...

There were a number of excuses that required little but a look that would scorch the feathers off an owl in flight, and as time usually tells, my Welshness took hold and he was locked in my sights like a radar guided system. NO PLACE TO GO NOW- BROTHER!

He tried applying apologies like Polysporin to a third degree burn, but I would have none of it and called the savior, who is my brother, to bail me out (after asking him first if he'd post bail if I did something very bad). Big Brother, in his everlasting patience with me, supported me and agreed that I should NEVER AGAIN SHARE MY BLOG LIFE with The Mole.

So here is my heartfelt apology and plea that you return to visit.

I did so enjoy our social intercourse...let us resume our love fest -WITHOUT The Mole!!

He Is Not Invited!!
It pays to "pay attention"
I have a whole 10 minutes to explain the address change to anyone interested.

The Mole made me do it!! Thats right, it was he who blindly bores his way through life, ferreting out all he needs for his own selfish purposes, ignoring the emmense cost to "yours truly", who caused this inconvenient change of address.

The Mole, in trying to promote his own blog, which is really an extension of his book (or a promotional tool at the very least), said to me, "I'm going to link to your blog so that all those on your blog roll can check me out". AND THEN, he scurried over to his Mommy's and Daddy's and gave them his blog address which (as we all know) gave them access to my blog.....

The very last thing I wanted was for M&D Mole to be reading all the scathing things I say about their precious "Golden Boy". So, when Mommy Mole said, "whats all this stuff about toothpaste tops and food?", I knew I was in deep doo doo.

A quick distress call (and email) to BB explaining The Moles latest FLUB, and here I am again, with a new and very, very private blog address. The Mole aint gettin this one folks!
Thursday, April 27, 2006
BB to the rescue!

OK! ... Through incredible skill and technical know how, I have converted your Blog back to Blogspot AND removed the ad bar from the top! (Damn I'm good) This is now a top secret "For Your Eyes Only" Blog that will only be seen by those who are "chosen" by you. (and anyone silly enough to be searching Blogger for an "Arlunydd" .... How many Welsh readers can there be anyway???)

Please feel free to delete this thoroughly informative, entertaining and life enhancing post. ..... BB
Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Originally uploaded by arlunydd.
One of our many, many, many trips to the Bancroft area. This was last fall and we must have taken 300 pics of all the incredible foliage changing colour. Just down the path from here, The Mole left Shaka and I in the car and headed out on foot some 500 meters to find a long ago, abandonned mine entrance. It was hunting season and the sounds of guns going off was rather disturbing. It is also a well know fact that we have an explosive bear population at the moment here in Ontario, so I was a wee bit nervous.

After waiting an hour, I felt I should check on my beloved, so I fired up the Rav4 and tried to inch my way down a treacherous path to find him. BAD IDEA! Fortunately, he was running up to meet me and screamed, "STOP", as just up ahead was a deep, muddy swampy area where the Rav would have remained stuck (and it was a very long walk back to civilization).

Yet another NEAR MISS!
Travelling Musicians

Originally uploaded by arlunydd.
This was one the many wonderful scenes we were priveledged to see in San Jose, Costa Rica. We had to chase these three fellows down the street, but when The Mole harrassed them enough they agreed to have a photo taken. The place was bursting with colour and noise and the smell of coffee and flowers. Every so often, we'd pass a fish mongers and pause to stare at slimey, scaley things that looked like they had been dropped into the picture from a sci-fi movie set.

It been a year now, and it feels like it may have been a dream. The photos say otherwise, but I'm beginning to forget some of the amazing things we saw and did. I will NEVER, however, forget my near death experience in the Paquare River! I return to that under-water nightmare at least once a month.
Tuesday, April 25, 2006
So much to say and so little time
FINALLY...he left for work. I was watching the clock, thinking "he's taking longer and longer", and just as he would normally be getting his shoes on, (I have this all timed), he ran upstairs to check "extreme tracker", AGAIN! This is usually a matter of a few minutes, UNLESS there has been some new and exciting new visitor.
I am of the belief that I have only just begun to see the tip of the iceberg.
I've been down this road with other obsessions of The Mole and there is a pattern.

First, there is the initial "excitement phase" with all its possibilities, then there is the "research phase" which entail countless hours of finding THE BEST. Then the "set-up" phase where all must be absolutely perfect and then there is the "satisfaction for all my hard work" phase, followed directly by the "Look at me, aren't I great" phase. The big worry is that the "where is all the praise" phase will be shortly behind.

While the HIT list grows, all is well. But, and this is a BIG BUT, if this does not happen the world will become a bleak and unforgiving place where others don't appreciate genius.

The Mole is like his Mum. She is a person who DAMN WELL MAKES THINGS HAPPEN and I have immense respect for both of them. They both Just Believe and in doing so, things really DO HAPPEN. They work hard to make it that way, at the expense of anyone who is a fence sitter, such as myself, but given enough time, even I believe!

Anyhow, The Mole is gone now and I have the PC and Blogging to myself...
but I forgot what I had to say.

When I remember, I'll be back
Candid Photography - "Morning Mole"

Originally uploaded by arlunydd.
As promised and delivered by BB, I now have my photos up again. The Mole, as I had earlier threatened, did EXACTLY what he always does - went from bed to blog! No stop in between, no bathroom, no morning tea, no toothbrushing. I'm sure he had been dreaming earlier in the AM about writing some dramatic blog entry and sprang out of bed and onto the PC. I think he's quite photogenic, even in his housecoat. There are more incriminating photos of various "no-no"s but I will leave those for another post.
Monday, April 24, 2006
one of the moles pics

Originally uploaded by arlunydd.
For some of you who like art
An Aside..
Although I have much to say about The Mole, this time, he is exempt.
This is about my sock situation which is reaching dramatic proportion.
Since Baby Mole and Princess "Must-hav-a" have moved home, I CANNOT, no matter how many loads of laundry I do, find a pair of wearable socks! What the hell is it with these people? It seems that what is mine, is theirs! No Shit....

This thing is making me want to label everything I own. I know there is a way to do this, but these folks think that what is mine...is there's! My hair products, my makeup, my cell phone, my specialty food, MY TIME!!! When do kids ACTUALLY LEAVE? Does anyone know?

I love these guys, but I want my socks back!
Pre-emtive strike
I have been forwarned!! The Mole tells me that there is a nasty, scathing comment coming, but that he didn't have time to actually post it before going to work. He's gone and this gives me opportunity, and I'd be a fool not to take it.

I'm not privy to the content of his post, but I live here and I think I understand the psychological underpinnings of a man such as 'The Mole' better than anyone and although you may think you offer him refuge from all things domestic....BEWARE!!!

A mole is a rodent... It is a creature that likes to munch away on things in order to create a nesting situation with debris left behind. It usually lives underground and therefore NEVER sees the light! Athough it is cute to look at , IT BITES, and invariably leaves teeth marks and often unwanted reminders of its presence. May I, if you have the stomache for it, give you yet another piece of evidence of "mole-like" aftermath?

Whenever The Mole eats, ANYTHING AT ALL, he leaves a little on the plate. It matters, not whether he wanted to finish it or not, he leaves a little. I know that this means, (in his little mole mind), that he is not a glutton and that by leaving a little, he feels that he is entitled to eat more, a little while later. But to those who have to clean up sfter The Mole, it mean cleaning up and we all know what that entails. As we , here, in MOLE WORLD, live in an environmentally consciencious minded community know, disposing of refuse is not an easy, mindless job; it is a complicated job of doing away with that which you no longer want. WHY NOT EAT IT!!! You made it...eat it!

One more caviat...I,at this time, do not have the ability to post photos...but I WILL SOON, and when I , do there will be evidence! Stay tuned
Sunday, April 23, 2006
At last he sleeps so I have snuck into the computer room to post. The Mole has some kind of weird radar for the sound of the keyboard being used and if I'm not very very quiet, he'll jump out of bed, hair sticking out all over the place, to see who is blogging and why they have taken his spot.

Last nights rant was an example of the reparte that goes on around here all the time. Its a full-on competition of wits and I'm still flying ahead of the race (as usual). But I do love the challenge, however meager, and encoureage it whenever possible. I suppose for some we'd look pretty disfunctional, but "to each his own" right? The Mole feels the need to BEST me at all things and sometimes I let him think he can if he tries hard enough, puts enough effort into it or spends endless time on it. The trick is to allow him to feel that he's almost there, BUT NOT QUITE. This ensure a constant effort and fuel for my little smoldering fire.

And the nasty quote from Shakespere was a wee bit tepid, so try this one on for size there my darling little mole;

"Hast thou or word, or wit, or impudence that can yet do thee office?" (Measure For Measure).

He hasn't stirred yet but I just know that the first thing he'll do upon waking is check his blog so I'd better scurry off.

Do So Love A Scuffle!
Saturday, April 22, 2006
Here we go
Here we go.....
Having convinced The Mole of the usefulness of blogging and putting BB to the task as Guru, of all things Blog, The Mole has TAKEN OVER. It is virually impossible to get time on the 'ole PC anymore without him standing at my shoulder sighing and moaning and tapping his foot impatiently waiting to gorge himself on self-expression (the thing he does very well and with great results that infuriate me).

He asked me if I needed his expertise on getting my word "OUT THERE" as he has spent considerable time doing so (at the expense of quality time with yours truly) and suggested that I needed to use KEY WORDS to attract like-minded bloggers.

Well, this presented a wee problem, you see, as most of my posts refer to THE MOLE in an affectionate, yet scathing way and I was reluctant to let him know that the key words may be words he may not appreciate fully, Like "PIGGY", "UNTIDY", "LAZY BUGGER", "OBSESSIVE/COMPULSIVE" etc. You see my dilema?

SOOOO.. I say, "Sweetpea, I say things in my blog that are like a diary and are personal and sometimes they refer to you". This approach was apparently the wrong one as he ran off to the bathroom, started the water running and after 30 minutes of steam and solitude, emerged with a long list he had penned whilst soaking. It is an abreiviated version of all this "CONTESTABLE" and I hereby counter them with the following; ( oh yeah, to read THE MOLE's version see; www.greencanuck.net/rockhound/)

1. Toothpaste grevience....CRAP!!! The man cannot aim. There is tiny little splatters of spittle all over the mirror after every brushing and although I am very proud of him for diligently brushing every morning and evening, must it always end up on the mirror?

2. Toothbrush....Okay. This one only took me two years of repeated reminding. We still haven't learned to put the toothpste lid back on.

3. The Razor!!!! Ladies, are you with me on this? I have constant bleeding sores all over my legs from the use of what I consider MY RAZORS. Heaven help me if I ever try for the bikini line.

4. The smelly work sock issue. This one will never end and I am resolved of this. I find socks in every room, even on the kitchen counter and in the back yard (thanks to the dog who loves to grab the first piece of dirty laundry he can find and there are ALWAYS socks, when he greets me and run outside with it). I will live with this as long as The Mole wears socks.

5. LUNCH MESS...Oh My God!!!!!! I get up, try to find a spot on the counter to fire up the coffe maker, wait rather impatiently for the first cup while glancing every so often at the pile of dishes and old food left from the night before. The Mole sleeps all the while so I get to it and clean the kitchen..SPOTLESS! Ah Yes. All is well with the world again as there is some semblance of order to my life. AND THEN HE GETS UP...makes his tea, blogs for 2 hours, bathes and leaves the bathroom in ruin, and makes his messy lunch, therby destroying all that is good with my domestic world. THEN LEAVES. What was done is once again undone, and with such flare!

6. Wet towels. These can be found in 4 rooms. They are not all the work of The Mole, but I credit 75% of the mildew in the house to him. The worst of it is when I am tired and ready to watch TV and wind down after my lovely hot, soapy bath (which, if you read me previous post, is one of my "loved" things), I look for my PJ's and find them hanging where they are supposed to be but under a soaking wet towel that has been wicking moisture into my bed wear for the entire day. AUGH!!!!

7. And then there is the heat, the thermostat, the thing which causes not only The Mole distress, but my entire family. I am not tolerant of FORCED AIR HEATING and suffer all kinds of nasty side-effects from the wretched stuff. And besides my physical discomfort, I pay the stupid gas bill and, let me tell you, it's huge. If others within the household could be trusted to turn the damn heating down at night, I might be a bit more tolerant, but having woken from "Dantesque nightmares" of climbing through the window on a rope from the flames of hell because the furnace is belching hot air in the wee hours of the night, or soaking through my nighty and thinking I need to buy some Depends undergarments, I have determined the answer is NO MORE FURNACE AFTER APRIL 1.

And YooHoo, Books do so grow on trees!!! Maybe not on but "from". There you have it. The debate continues as always. Perhaps this is the glue that keeps us doing what we do and have been doing it for ever.

Moles are strange little creatures, blind to most of what we see but cute and furry and, like mushrooms, IN THE DARK.
Thursday, April 20, 2006
Things I love and things I hate.

Things I hate are;

small minded people
stepping in something wet in my socks
dirty bathtubs
grubs and spiders
pushy people
dirty house
the fact that there are 24 hours in a day
aching body
slimey stuff in the bottom of the fridge

Things I love;

red wine
my dog (and lots of other dogs)
watching my garden grow
family get-togethers
french fries
sleeping for more than 2 hours at a stretch
the power of the imagination
my big brother
clean clothes
The Mole and my kids
a clean car
hot baths
A blogger friend of mine posted right after Easter about hating the phone and how
it interferes with life. I returned with a comment and then went out into my back garden to check out all the new sprouts coming out of the earth. It wasn't right away, but in a short while, something she wrote returned to my mind and suddenly
I was aware of why my mind had been preoccupied with the past. 3T - thankyou.

The mention of her Dad and how she valued that relationship had me reeling backwards. You see, my Dad died over 12 years ago and although I know with a certainty that nobody else in my life has ever had such a positive influence on
me, I let him slip away for a while. There are all these moments when something reminds me of him and I smile, but for the most part he is just NOT HERE anymore
and thinking of him hurts.

My Dad...was a cerebral kind of man. He enjoyed quiet reflection, good
literature, music and gentlemens sports, (like Rally Racing or air shows).
He loved his children, but in a non-intrusive way that allowed us to realize
our stupidity or our challenges or our strengths. He loved crosswords, he loved
humour (the British kind), he loved model railways, he loved creative people
and he loved me. To be close to my Dad, I would seek him out in the attic where
his N-gauge railway of the Faulkland Islands was, or in his printing shop, where
he enjoyed doing graphics and printing for the local community or at High School where he was a highly valued teacher that students always returned to credit for there choices. My Dad was never overly ambitious, much to my Mums despair, as she had bigger plans for him. He was content with life that provided him with time
to pursue those things which he felt right in.

My Dad hated small minded people. He would rant sometimes when watching the news
at 11pm about situations around the world brought on by stupid people or even be spurred into heated discussions with people after a scotch. He hated ignoance
and he hated violence. He was what I hope others will someday say about me. He hated to be told how to do things or how to think and he never changed that point
of view. Right up to his death, my Dad cared, quietly about us all, even as he
lay dying in a hospital bed.

I miss him terribly and I always will. I hope that he is proud of me and that I have in some way fulfilled his expectations of me.

Thanks 3T.
Havin’ Troubles
Over the last few weeks things have really been getting in the way of my blogging. Too many things to recount for you here but the latest is I've lost all my lovely desktop icons and have to wait on my Guru to come and set me straight AGAIN!!!

Easter was very very busy with family running in and out of our little house over a three day period. I worked two days and did the rest of the preparations in between but it felt as though I was only playing at it. Big get-togethers are usually more fun if I can prepare properly and be rested when everyone is around. This Easter, although George (the bird) was perfect, I was feeling too tired and sick to really enjoy everyone. That being said, everyone enjoyed themselves!!!

There were 10 of us around the table (including the boyfriend! -who is a great guy) -no, not my boyfriend- my daughters, silly. We drank too much, made stupid jokes, ate too much and laughed until our tummies hurt. Its so sad that we all live so far from each other and that we can only see each other on holidays. What a screwy world, huh? The Mole was so tired from a full day of "outdoorsy" activities that he actually fell asleep at the noisy table, with a beer in his hand!! Can you imagine that? Sitting up straight, holding a beer, sleeping!

The next day, The Mole (having had a few much needed hours of sleep) decided it was high time to initiate my sister, her Hubby and their two kids into "underground exploration" and took them into a nearby Conservation Area and made them scurry around under ground on their tummies. I expected alot of complaining from these city folk but they were animated and excited when they returned. They were also ravinous and in search of food (good thing George was a big boy as he made a ton of sandwiches).

The pictures are soon to be posted of this little adventure. I am waiting on my IT Guru to reinstall all my programs for me.

I hope you had a fun and enriching Easter holiday. Don't you just hate it though, when you can't buy stuff you desperately need because everything is closed! Augh.
Friday, April 14, 2006
Easter is upon us
I don't know about the rest of you folks but getting to my blog is becoming more difficult all the time. What with server problems, antivirus problems, Blog Hog problems and family obligations, I just never seem to get here.

Its Good Friday and I've been up since 6:30am preparing for the feast. Had to get the stuffing ready, the potatoes washed and oiled, the bird (I have named George this year) washed dried and seasoned and the house realitively tidy. I then walked the dog in the rain (yes, its raining) and have just emerged from a steaming hot bath. What is left? Every damn thing!

I am going to go full tilt until supper is on the table and THEN I STOP! Then I drink wine, nibble, laugh and generally enjoy my family (part of which is up from Ottawa for this weekend).

I hope you all enjoy your holiday and get a tummy full of George (or whatever you call yours) and spend some much-needed time relaxing. Happy Easter!

Sorry I won't be seeing you BB and Better-Half! Don't work too hard.
Monday, April 10, 2006
The Blog Hog (AKA The Mole)

Originally uploaded by arlunydd.
Since BB gave The Mole all the info needed to begin a blog, I haven't been able to get near the PC. I tried on one evening after he had been blogging for 4 hours and he stood, arms crossed, huffing at me until I gave up and relinquished the PC to him. This is his way....learn all there is to know about something and do it to the extreme.

Well, it wasn't that hard to let him have his way as I am soooo sick that simply sitting here is difficult.

However, I have seen the problem with letting The Mole dominate all he sees and will stand tall and proud UNTIL HE BACKS DOWN..and he will. Blogging is mine to do, like breathing or sleeping. I will not be deblogged!!

The pic is The Mole scarfing down something I can't pronounce, in Costa Rica. The man knows how to put food to good use, I'll give him that.

Must punish BB thoroughly for giving The Mole a new toy. Men are nought but boys with bigger toys, right?
Friday, April 07, 2006
Bra Update

I ignored The Mole and decided to go shopping for a new bra at a respectable "under garment" establishment.

It seems that I am no longer a 34B cup!! Who knew? Yup, I've be "UP" graded to a ........ and hating it. Getting older sucks in so many ways. My nickname through highschool was "Titless Tilley", bet they wouldn't say that to me any more!
Bath Time....
A moment alone...It is a rare thing these days. When I sit to blog, everyone comes running to see what it is I am up to and I simply cannot write a thing. This happened 3 times today. But the house is quiet right now and I'm rushing cuz I know that Mini Mole will be running in the door at any moment asking "whats to eat?"

Its a busy busy life I have. I could (and do) complain about it alot, but truth be told, I'd be quite lost without it. This is not to say that a change wouldn't be more than welcome.

We've had a really nasty flu virus in the house these last two weeks. Its one of those you can't pretend about. You get so sick that the usual ignoring it won't work and will in fact only grind you faster into the dirt, I know cuz I tried it. I thought that if I got a coat on and shoveled dirt in my soon-to-be vegetable patch, I'd realise that mind is greater than matter and I can over come.

I found myself stripped of all outer wear, sweating profusely and dizzy as shit, By the time I made it to the back door I was vomiting and ready to faint. The Mole found me keeled over on the back porch and ushered me into bed where I stayed for 6 hours without moving (and if you have a weak bladder like me, you will know how serious my condition was). I have never been a very good patient. I tend to think that perseverance IS ALL and that as long as you don't accept illness, it won't stay with you. It didn't work this time.

I am sooooo sick that just breathing is a problem. This will pass, cuz IT HAS TOO...I won't accept anything less. But today I am going to have a really hot bath, drink gallons of water (no wine today) and take my tylenol. Snuffy is mad cuz he's been ignored alot but he could use a change of pace as well. I have tons of pics to share as soon as I feel better and the family will leave me alone long enough to blog them.

Its nice to be back.
Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Morbidness does not look pretty on me
Soooooo, next time I disolve into my Gaelic roots, SOMEONE STOP ME!!!! It seems a very real likelihood that, whenever things go really poorly for me, I make some kind of morose fool of myself.

Yes, things have been awful. But not without the odd moment of humour. For instance, CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP...and I do not mean the cute baby duck kind of "cheep", either.

I mentioned to the Mole that I threw out 3 old bras yesterday that were digging nasty holes in my chest and said, "Sweetpea, I need to buy some decent underwear". To which he repied, (And I am not joking here folks), "Will $10 bucks at Value Village cover it?"

For those of you that do not have the priveledge of having a Value Village in your neighborhood, IT IS A FUCKING SECOND HAND STORE!!!! Yes, my ever-so unevolved Hubby thinks I should buy my underwear "gently used".

So, what do I do with this you ask? I look at him like he just burped volcanic ash, wait about 30 seconds and say "give me your fucking bank card". He understood that he had just made a terrible mistake without really knowing what he had said wrong and handed over said bank card. Some things just aren't worth explaining, are they?