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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Sunday, May 30, 2010
Just another word or two
Its always so long between my blog entries. So many things occur in my life that its hard to know what to blog about. Mum died on February 25th and my world went into a tail spin for months. I have yet to recover what was "normal" for me. Two days ago my favorite aunt died suddenly, though not unexpectedly. I had hoped to travel to see her but within days of making the decision, she was gone. My lovely little house is in full bloom and I am having one hell of a time appreciating the real glory of it. Chester, my lovable Golden Retriever, enjoys it so much and didn't even need to be trained to stay on the property. He does a perimeter search for squirrels every morning when I let him out. I can enjoy my surroundings through him when I let myself.

On Saturday, Mick and I visited an Alpaca farm. We have been talking about what we want to do in 5-10 years and moving North is so important to Mick that we need to be creative about what it is we will be doing with our lives when we do move. Raising Alpaca's is a viable option, as long as we can combine it with other things we both really enjoy. The trip was very enlightening and gave us a lot to think about. BUT....And this is why I am actually blogging tonight, on the way home we stopped at a Mennonite farm and became acquainted with our newest family member, "Durban", an 8 week old Golden Retriever puppy that I pick up tomorrow.

Yes BB.....I expect you will be calling me just as soon as you read this! I am very happy and can't wait to bring him home. I have been so low and depressed and hopeless for so long that this is the first time I have felt any optimism for months. I am truly excited and want nothing more than to spend time with my Chester and his little brother Durban.

Wish me luck!