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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Sunday, June 17, 2007
Summer again
Have the house to myself!!! Took a hot bath using all the "product" that belongs to the Princess as she is away having lunch with a sexy man - and now I smell fabulous ! There isn't a soul around to appreciate it but that okeedokey with me. The new puppy is 42 pounds of cuddly flesh now. He's a mere 4-1/2 months old, so by the time he's a year, I guess he should weigh in at 120!! As soon as I can get my photos from the Mole, I'll post one here. He is a beautiful blond Golden Retriever (not at all red, like Shaka was). He is lying at the bottom of the stairs right now, trying to stay cool as it is one hell of a scorcher here today. This is possibly the first time today that he hasn't been directly beside me, chasing the broom, mooching my food, pulling at whatever I have in my hands. PHEW...he's exhausting.

The garden is a paradise. Although the weeds are a constant issue, I really love being out there plucking, thinning, staking, watering. People come and peek at out garden all the time. I catch them spying through the fence as its otherwise hidden from view. I have a Clematis that is so prolific that it stumps description. I also have two lovely little chipmunks who come to feast on sunflower seeds every morning. They are becoming quite tame and run across my feet while I sit on my back steps. I have built up a little rock fortress around their homes so that the new puppy doesn't disturb them.

Ah summer time! Ain't it grand?
Monday, June 04, 2007
No Time
Life, death, a a shiney new garden... Its all happening here and I feel like I can't process any of it. I have this crazy, gorgeous new puppy and I rarely get to spend the real time I should with him. I have a Mum who, after a long near death experience, has taken up living with a vengence and requires my help to do it and I have a garden that is bursting with colour and needs my attention.

No One gets enough.