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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Tuesday, February 16, 2010
"Ty Gwyn" revisited
As a child, I had a very active imagination. I would spend hours and hours alone with a stream, a couple of leaves and a stick and create an entire scenario that involved pirates on the open seas. I lived for a time in Llanfechell, North Wales with my Auntie Mair and my Nain (Grandma), and across from their tiny cottage "Ty Gwyn" sat a large boulder in a field. Upon revisiting the boulder, years later, it had shrunk considerably. I played for many hours on that boulder, having tea parties, treasure hunts and all manner of exciting adventures. The house (or cottage), "Ty Gwyn", which translates to House White, was THAT PLACE of my childhood that held all that is dear to a child. It was where I was loved unconditionally by an entire family of others, a place full of promise of adventure, a place a kindness and comfort. It was my favorite place in all the world.

That is what my new home will be to my new niece Gianna. My little cottage in Guelph is hidden and secret and full of promise. Its garden will be filled with flowers of many colors and vegetables to be eaten straight from the ground. It has a big old birch tree that hangs low and creates a cooling shade while the wooden boardwalk that wraps around the house is like a little road to nowhere in particular. My sister put this idea in my head and I believe it is a perfect likeness to that wonderful place called "Ty Gwyn".

To finish off the picture perfectly, my little home will always welcome Gianna with a big sloppy old Golden Retriever laying around on the grass or lazily following her around in hopes of a treat.

I will maintain your little piece of "ty Gwyn" for you Gianna. All you need do is visit it as often as your Mum and Dad will allow.