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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Thursday, January 05, 2006
Where are you people? Am I totally alone in my own Blog universe? Is this Hell? Is this how it all ends, me trying desperately to reach out to the suburban, domesticated masses and being ignored again and again?

Yeah! Well, Fuck that. Here I am and deal. I am the norm and though you may hate the idea of it, you have to admit, I'm pretty damn average, Huh?

So, I'm lucky to have a Blog in which to rant and rave. It was a Christmas present, O.K.
My big brother, who treats me so well, although this was not always the case and I feel compelled to reveal that I was the victim of many horrible tricks and pranks throughout my most impressionable years, has since seen the error of his ways and recognized the jewel of a sister that I have always been and has chosen to treat me well!

O.K. then! I think I'd better go and have a nice quiet bubble bath now. A place where nobody can get to me. A place where my dog sits and waits for me and lovinging watches while I wind down. A place where my two rather large ange demanding children CANNOT get at me.

Goodnight world