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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Thursday, September 09, 2010

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Micks not one for "shows of affection" , so I was thrilled when he was approached by these two lovely ladies for a smoochie-woochie. He couldn't exactly say "no" without seeming rude, so he became a "Mick sandwich" instead. Notice the lovely shade of crimson he is wearing?

I do so love my Mick but we are so very different. Perhaps that is why we are still married. I am extroverted and not-so-modest, while he is proper, quiet and well behaved. He keeps an eye on me to be sure I am not in too much trouble, but despite all his efforts I still manage to find myself in SITUATIONS from time to time.

Ah...to be in that very square, enjoying the sun and the sights of Cuba again. Saving all my Aero miles up and will be in Costa Rica in March (early on so we miss the rains). Right now it feels as though I've been here forever! A very long, tiresome summer. I need a holiday.

Going to the UK in October. I hope to have some nice pics to share with you then.