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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Tuesday, January 10, 2006
I have once again, successfully avoided my psychotic neighbour.
These people moved in over two years ago. Mother (pscho), Father (barely a blip on anyones radar) and 3 children under 5 (1 with autism who likes to run away at least once a week).
The day they moved in, Tracey -their direct next door neighbour- tried the neighbourly approach and learned to regret it within a week. Mummy Dearest is a complete friggin whack job who is likely ADHD, Hyperactive and stupid all in one adorable package. The woman has NO concept of personal space or parental resonsibility.

One time this past Spring I was on my way to work - on foot- and had to walk right past
'pscho ladies front door " and as I made the approach, averting my eyes, a child bolted out the front door, down the steps and onto sidewalk in front of me. Not wanting a goddam thing to do with anyone in this particular household, I minded my business and trundled on. Then it occured to me that this boy was in socks, the temperature was maybe 23 degrees and the front door from where he made his escape was wide open and a screaming sound was echoing outwards. I had no choice. I ran to the front door and yelled "Your son is running down Yorkshire and he's wearing socks". Yeah....thats what came to mind at that moment. Not very helpful but, there you have it.

This elicited a torrent of screeches, verbal assaults and choas as the entire human content of the household (pscho Mum, dazed Dad and two very young pschos) spilled out the door, right past me as though I wasn't there and down the road on foot and in the family min van in hot pursuit. Obviously, a routine that was very familiar to all of them.

I needed no more introduction to my new neighbours. I have since been stalwartly absent, noncommital, mute and oblivious. Its working for me.

But then...OH MY DEAR GOD. I was walking my dear 'ole dog the other morning and just as I was doing my very best to sneeak past unnoticed, the dog decides to start barking insanely at someone behind me. Yup! Pscho Lady. "Hello, nice morning" I say.

She looks at me as if my dog just crapped on her foot and strutted past like her ass was on fire. I'm confused now. But not so messed up that I want to know what the hell was going on in that mind of hers.

I really like most of my neighbours. I do. I take part in our summer Street Fest, Bring munchies, sing along, play with the kids, the dogs, talk the the normal people. Its just pscho lady I can't deal with.

I'm a nice person...really