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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Alone...at last!
They're gone...They are all gone. The Mole left at 2pm leaving a trail of produce through the kitchen. I pretended not to notice so I could bid him a "fond fare-thee-well" at the door. I pulled it off with panache as I do every damn day...GOD I AM GOOD.

The Baby Mole woke after 8 hours of sleep, slithered down the stairs, complained alot and left...HOORAY!

Princess MustHaveA left for her evening shift at The BollyWood Bistro, where she earns more in tips fop one shift than I do in two days of work. She left me several choice recipes for chocolate birthday cakes, on the table in front of where I fell asleep. I think I remember her saying "see you later, Mum". Maybe it was a dream.

I just woke up...I think I've been asleep for 15 minutes but it feels like 3 hours. I'm having a bath now and I'm going to make it last. God...don't you just love solitude?

Oh yeah, the trip to the doctor netted me a gigantic needle in the bursa of my hip. Ouch! It aches like a bitch, but I'm a tough cookie.