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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Saturday, May 13, 2006
A girls gotta do what...
I know I said that I was NOT GOING TO POST, only check out everyone elses Blogs, but the most amazing day just happened. I was supposed to work the entire weekend, Sat and Sun and then pick my Mum up at the train station after work and make sure she felt "loved" on Mothers Day. Then "my girl", the lovely lady who works for me, said, "Do you mind if I work the weekend, I really need the money?".....Duh.
So, I woke up this morning, took both of my adult children shopping with me (which was highly entertaining for me and everyone else at the grocery store), brought heaps of food home, put it away and BEGAN MY WORK DAY!!!

Now, the Mole was still in his jammies when I returned, looking blurry and grumpy and itching to get to his blog, but knowing full well that he had to make a lukewarm attempt at looking like he likes us. I left him alone and went to the garden.

There are so many wonderful things to look at in my garden but I always let my eye travel to those things that insult my senses. Crazy, I know, but its how things get done.

I have a entrance cubby to my basement and the door has been falling off for two years. Today, I could look at it NO LONGER. I dragged every scrap of old lumber outside, all our power tools, extention cord and screws and away I went.

Now you know that the sound of a power tool in the hands of "the little woman" brings any husband running, but evven this could not budge the Mole from blogging. I had completely renovated the stupid door by myself before he arrived. I was stumpted at reinstalling it and had to call him from his latest post to help me and he was not pleased.

The Mole, "What!"
Me, "Can you help me for a minute?"
The Mole, "Yeah, give me a sec"
Me, "Never mind" (passive aggressive, I know).
Ten Minutes Pass
The Mole (now downstairs and looking at me), "Wha"
Me, "What?"
The Mole, "Why are you looking at me like that"
Me, "Like what?"
The Mole, "Are you trying to start a fight?"
Me, "No, I'm trying to reinstall this door, wanna help me?"
The Mole, "You don't have to talk to me like that".
Me, "Like what?"

You get the picture....

So, having lured him from his latest hole, he put in a full days work around the house. He did the dishes after supper, took me to DQ for a Brownie Batter Blizzard and now I feel I can let him off the hook.

Sometimes you just have to take the reins and giddyup