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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Friday, May 19, 2006
You can keep it - Betty Crocker
As her 21st birthday approaches, Princess MustHaveA has hinted around about a birthday cake. This is somewhat disconcerting as for 21 years I have gone on record saying, "I HATE BAKING". No exceptions. I will happily prepare lavish meals that everyone loves, buy the wine, candles, lay a beautiful table, but at the last minute when it occurs to me that all the world is not like me, I panick, catch the bus (cuz the Mole is usually out caving with the Rav4) and run out and buy dessert! At this point, it matters little what the hell it is, and it could be crushed chocolate bars on icecream. You see, I don't DO DESSERT! Never have and probably never will!

So, I felt that perhaps the universe was presenting me with a new challenge and it was some kind of character test that I absolutely, must not fail. But, Oh my God, the fear consumes me. Apart from the hatred for flour, tin foil, proper temperature readings, exact measurements, etc., I've never had any success. I know its because I'm ADD and can't read a recipe without stopping half way through to play with my dog, that I'm a failure at all things "baked".

However, and this is big, I went to the grocery store with my recipe in hand, walked up and down the isles looking in places I never go for things I never buy and left with a whopping bill of $40!!! YEAH...Another reason I hate baking.

On Saturday, since my house will be quiet, I WILL BAKE! The flour will fly, I tell ya. I will make an unholy mess, swear my fool head off, sweat it out, and create a masterpiece that commemorates the BIG YEAR!!!! I have high hopes and will galdly hang up the 'ole baking mitts afterwards, if the Gods will give me this one success!

I'm not confident enough to give out the recipe yet, but if all goes well, and there are no trips to the ER for knife wounds or food poisoning, and if friends and family shower me with sincere compliments, I will tell you all about it.

Wish me some luck, cuz I'm going to need it...