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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Monday, September 18, 2006
Need Input
Just getting used to the new blogger stuff and screwing things up all the time. Could be cuz I'm not such a good blogger these days. Seems that work has become my entire life these last two months and I rarely feel like doing anything but flaking out when I get home.

Had to clean up the house yesterday as an old family friend came for dinner. Nothing like shame to get things moving. At least the house is reasonably clean on the surface. Just don't look too hard!

Finally found an LP that I tried hard to find for years. I couldn't remember the name of the artist or the album and it finally came to me as I was sitting in my back yard.
Tim Buckley ...."Greetings From L.A." I think I fell in love all over again!

Find it ...Play it...then tell me if you like it the way I do and then tell me why I like it so much.

songs are Surrender, Nighthawkin'. Get On Top, etc.

I want you to hear this album.