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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Friday, August 11, 2006
Frustrated Michelangelo Wanna Be
I recall saying something a while back about an artistic spree I was planning and then I just let it go and said not a word about it. Well, intentions were good, preparations were made, materials were either bought or ferreted out and all was set for the heady episode. I was psyched! All I had to do was drop Princess MustHaveA off at the departures doors at the airport and scurry home for 3 days of painting therapy.

I thought that, as I had the car (not something I usually have) and I had some cash too, I'd buy a few much-needed groceries first. So, I stopped in the local food mega plaza where it takes 15 minutes to walk from the car to the entrance way and another 15 minutes to find the milk and another 15 minutes to go through the checkout and another 15 minutes to walk through the parking lot to find the car. An hour later I was on my way home.

I put the $160 worth of groceries away, watched a soap opera (General Hospital), did the dishes for who can work in a mess? answered the phone 3 times to telemarketers and it was 7pm.

Next day, the Mole had other plans for me requiring my company, as he doesn't like to do anything alone (and NO they were not those kinds of plans), and when I checked the time again, it was 5pm.

Next day, after reviewing my options and accounting for the little time left to me for "art therapy", I surmised I was only going to frustrate myself further by starting something that I was obviously going to have to leave unfinished, once again, so I said "SCREW IT" and bought paint for my hallway ($175 worth) and began the enormous job of redoing my entrance.

Apart from my aching back, my striped dog, my empty bank account and my still-messed up psyche, I have improved the overall look of my hallway and I feel like I actually used my time well.

Being a type A, a little ADD, frustrated artist and much taken for granted Mum and wife requires that I go like stink whenever I have a few precious minutes of my own.
Its a real art that I have not yet mastered to shut out all the noise of life and cocoon myself away from all the demands of work and home. I'll keep working on this and one of these days, I WILL PAINT! Or maybe I should say, "I will paint again", as I used to actually practice being an artist.

The ceiling mural still awaits. I AM GOING TO DO SOME WORK ON IT! Just you wait and see.