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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Wednesday, November 22, 2006
The state of my blog is a sign of my life. I seldom get here and it worries me as I feel I am letting people down. Its just that the "actual" flesh and blood types who are IN MY FACE, seem to need so very much of me all the time that I rarely get back to my blog anymore.

This disturbs me more than you could know. I have tried to put life back on a reasonable level lately, as after Snuffy died I just couldn't find the purpose in doing anything at all. I tried to paint and everyones needs just kept getting in the way. I tried to be social but all those rotten pepole didn''t feel empty and hopeless the way I did so I dropped that idea. I tried going out and doing things like dinners and movies but my attention span equalled that of a fly and my constant squirming and running outside for a smoke was annoying.

So....here I am. Back at my blog hoping that I haven't somehow ruined something that used to be so important to me. The numbers tell me that you've all run off to more fun blogging experiences, but I know that the ruination that is my life will encoureage some of you back. After all, if nothing else, your life will look pretty fantastic after reading all about mine!

Beware though. I could surprise you and become witty and entertaining and then you'd feel all angry and jilted. I'll try to maintain my woe-begotten personna so that you all look happier. I'll tell all and then you'll really have to come back just, like a soap opera. You never know what disaster could arrive and if you don't read, you just won't know!

Stay tuned...oh loyal bloggers. I'll try to disappoint!