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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Thursday, January 12, 2006
Just had a brain fart there. Couldn't remember my PW but thats really not that surprising considering the state of my universe. I remembered to bath, shave my legs and brush my teeth so I should be feeling pretty good about myself.

Life here among the natives goes on as per usual. Unless you're me, you get to forget to let the water out of the bath, leave you wet towel in a soggy pile anywhere you like, use as many dishes as possible to get a glass of juice AND sleep through the early hours of the day so that when you get up, everything has miraculously righted itself and you can do it all again. Thats enough. I WIL NOT BITCH, I WILL NOT BITCH, I AM A BITCH.

But if I can't bitch, I'll have nothing to say! Only for tonight though. The problem is, I haven't had my quota of beverages tonight. My usual routine is to bring a wee glass of vodka with me as I sit to blog, but tonight I had to spend several hours in the company of my mater, and one needs all ones wits about them when in that situation. TOMORROW...theres always tomorrow, right. See you here and I promise to be semi-shitfaced.