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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Saturday, February 18, 2006
Happy Valentines
Some things just should never be attempted. There is "White Out" as cover-up, there is my Mum in fish net stockings and then there is taking the Mole shopping to an outlet mall on a Saturday.

I should have had second thoughts when he suggested it and suspected ulterior motives. But no, I assumed that because he had completely forgotten Valentines days, without even a Mars Bar to commemorate it, he was trying to do something totally without selfish purposes.

We headed out and I noticed that he was a little impatient when I wanted to stop for coffee. I said nothing and thought that perhaps he was excited at the prospect of buying me things, so on we went.

Then "THE MAP" came out. Copied from an internet site, a map of places that sell maps, "we have to stop here fist, Sweetpea", was the first indication I had of a diversion from the plan.

Being "game" for anything new and exciting, I went along with the map puzzle and gave out instruction as needed, leading us to the address we were searching for....(A-1 Maps). What does this have to do with lavishing attention on me, you ask? NOT A GODDAM THING..is the answer. It was a well planned detour, to obtain a map for a trip to some hidden, hard-to-find cave location to be sought in a day or two.

A-1 Maps closed 15 minutes before we arrived (explaining the panic when I stopped for coffee) and much anxiety and frustration ensued. Oh...but the possibilities dont end there...there are other places that sell maps (and GPS's) in the near vicinity. Off we go in search of another spot that I had no idea we were headed for, where the Mole bought a map and a GPS!!!!!!!

The money is running out here, I'm thinking. The Mole is not known for his free spending habits and this kind of wonton spending is pretty scarey. "Do you still want to go shopping?" , I ask. I think that guilt kicked in then and he said "Of course, Sweetpea!", and away we went.

We came home with a new winter coat for the Mole (he really needed it), a new winter coat for the Moles Dad (he really needed it too), scissors for hair cutting (the Mole needs a new hair cut) and some perfume for me.

You gotta love the reasoning and sentiment behind these acts of kindness. I do, I really do.
People can always be expected to do the thing least expected.

I smell good and I am really pleased about that. Next time I go to an outlet mall, I go alone.