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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Saturday, March 04, 2006
The currency of currency
2 bucks, 2 bucks, 2 bucks.....and no, this does not mean 2 large, male deer. If your not North American, it means two dollars. Currency goes like this;
1 cent (or penny)
nickel (5 pennies)
dime (10 pennies)
quarter (25 pennies)
loonie (100 pennies or 1 dollar)
toonie (200 pennies or 2 dollars)
then there are 5 bucks, 10 bucks, 20 bucks, etc.

So why 2 bucks? Well, I have found, in my vast experience of having little cash to play with, that 2 bucks doesn't buy you much. A small coffee and a stale donut, a lighter, a weekend newspaper, a candy bar. But I have found a marvelous way to use a toonie (or 2 bucks) that is a whole lot of fun and enjoyment. It is, in fact a sociological study, a quest, enlightenment, entertainment and a way to kill an hour while you put your thoughts together.

TAKE A BUS RIDE!!!! I found a toonie in my coat pocket on my way in the door, after walking the dog. I stood there looking at it for a moment and turned around and walked right back out and to the end of the street where the bus stop is. Now, I take the bus in the mid winter after work, just to get home faster and to avoid the dark gloomy Ontario winter evening. But its a 5 minute ride and I know the route so well that I dont even have to watch for the stop anymore to know when to pull the "Stop" bell. In fact, the drivers know where I get off and would likely stop even if I didn't ring the bell.

But this time, I got on the bus from a different stop, and just sat there, watching, listening, checking out the passengers and making up life histories, for an entire hour. I watched the houses, shops, traffic go by, let my mind wander and let someone else do the driving FOR ME.

It was terrific! It was a really great way to break up a poisonous thought pattern, to vent steam, to reflect, to relax and to be alone while being with a bunch of other people.

I am going to challenge myself to find a similar use for a loonie. They are easier to find.
So, take a bus ride, go nowhere in particular, destress and watch the world go by.