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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Thought I was being rather stoic and brave and all. Didn't say much about how things are getting to me having the house filled up with demanding, messy, expensive, adult children. REALLY, I told nobody, kept it to myself, stayed away from discussions with others for fear of driving them all away with my whining.

How the hell does everyone now know? Is it that obvious? Am I that transparent?

YEAH!!! Its fucking difficult. Its more than difficult, its bloody awful. Fights, arguements, disputes, serious discussions........ It is very, very hard, especially when we had our much belated honeymoon time together (all of 2 months). It was really, really nice. I even started my long awaited studio. All that has halted and is on "stall" for the forseeable future.

Heres the thing,.....what else is there that I can do? NADDA!!!
This is the home of my children. The place where they feel safe. The place where they run when they need to be comforted, to feel able to cope. HOME.

If my parents ever told me that I could not come home, I would have become an entirely different person. I always knew the option was there if things got so bad that I had to use it.

That is what I will provide for my own kids. This it their SAFE HAVEN, even if it means momentary destruction for me and my Mole. We will cope. We always have.