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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Thursday, February 09, 2006
Better Now
I was in an angry mood yesterday. If this was disturbing, in any way, my apologies. But sometimes I get riled up too and have to spew it out like vomit. I refused to look at the news today and whenever the topic reared its ugly head - I ducked out. So, I'm better. Isolated, ignorant, but better.

Today, the Mole informed me that this weekend, like EVERY weekend since I met the guy, he will be gone one day to burrow into the ground. LORD....what do you say? WHAH? Okay Dear, have a nice hole digging day! I really have no basis for understanding and I've been married to the guy for 15 years. I am no closer to enlightenment now than I was 15 years ago. This caving, draining, hole digging thing is so weird. I swear he has some primitive connection to burrowing animals somewhere in the world. Perhaps he was a worm in a past lifetime, or a dung beatles or something. I know, without question, that that was not one of my past lives as I have no desire to accompany the guy under ground, ESPECIALLY in the bloody winter. It seems a wee bit more than strange, but there are hundreds of these folks out there and they communicate with each other through "alternative channels".

So, as I have every weekend of my married life, I will find something to do with myself. Which means, I'll blog. Hope you will all be around. Especially you ,3T.