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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Monday, March 27, 2006
Goin Shoppin'

Actually, I'm getting on the bus, riding it to our biggest mall and looking at all the pretty things.
I might even charge something if I feel the need. Its been the most beautiful Spring day, the sun has been shining since early this morning and I should know because I get up at 5:30am.

I took Snuffster to "the pit" and let him snuffle around for sleepy mice and rabbits. If he ever really found one I think he might just go nuts ,but then he's so slow he'd have to watch the little rodents as they scurried away. Even mice don't fear my dog. He is such a lovely boy and every dog should be just like him.

I then brought Snuffy home and went to have my eyes examined...seems I need stronger glasses for the nasty things I do to my eyes. Really, eyes are for seeing, are they not? So what if the seeing is less than optimal. I guess I've been over-extending my poor eyeballs recently and therefore require a new prescription for reading and beading.

Then, I came home to do some nasty dishes, vacuum and generally tidy up but was detered to drive Mini Mole to a friends. This led to a very long and complicated detour that took my all over our fair city....OK, I will divulge a secret to you. I am quietly looking for a new home.

The Mole would have a bird if he knew this, but then the Mole has always seen the greatness of all my plans, after the fact. If it were not for my crazy ideas, we'd never have bought our first house.

I'll keep you posted. For now, I must bathe as the Mall awaits.