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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Thursday, March 09, 2006
The Moles Birthday
It was the Moles' 41st birthday this past Friday, but with everyone doing their workday thing, it got bumped. "Why don't we do something fun on Saturday?" , I suggested. "Nope, going caving".So Sunday, at his familys insistance, we all went out for breakfast. There was usual arrangements to be considered, like who is going, who needs a ride, who has special needs, is there a restuarant in this city that has room for us all and really wants to put up with us.

After running around, waking people up, taking turns in the bathroom (we only have one), picking up the various passengers that live all over the city, we were off!! A bit frazzled, but on our way.I looked over at the Mole, who got to ride shotgun as its his birthday, and noticed the dark, ominous cloud hovering above his bed-head. "You Okay?" I bravely enquired. "I hate these family breakfasts. I have to baby-sit my father the entire time and make sure he doesn't offend anyone", he offers.GREAT!!! Now he tells me. I could've made him a spectacular breakfast of steak and eggs whilst still in my PJ's and not have had to deal with everyones idiocyncratic needs. But, I put a happy face on, and continued the drive to the restuarant.Upon arrival, I notice a great many people standing around on the sidewalk. It couldn't be a line-up of people wating FOR BREAKFAST, goddam it? But it was. So, now we detour to yet another place with their own line-up , but this one was inside the building, so we stood around trying to make conversation for 20 minutes while the lovely staff moved furniture around for us.As expected, the Mole sat strategically near his father to enable him to throw himself into the ring whenever necessary and, as usual, it was.

The Happy Birthday Breaky ended without bloodshed - a raging success in my books - and we all went our seperate ways. The Mole went to visit a mole-like friend, the Princess demanded a new inner tube for my bike so she and her boyfriend could go bike riding (which entailed a lot of driving around), the Baby Mole went off to play video games, the Moles family went their ways and I WENT TO WORK....Thank God I have work!!! I sometimes think of my little shop as Shangrila, the one place where I am Queen and I make the rules and everyone who visits me is on their best behaviour.So, although I have yet to give the Mole a proper BDay celebration, this upcoming weekend I am going to drive him to Niagara On The Lake and spend a day of site seeing, lunch at an expensive restaurant and away time.Happy Birthday Sweetpea!