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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Friday, April 07, 2006
Bath Time....
A moment alone...It is a rare thing these days. When I sit to blog, everyone comes running to see what it is I am up to and I simply cannot write a thing. This happened 3 times today. But the house is quiet right now and I'm rushing cuz I know that Mini Mole will be running in the door at any moment asking "whats to eat?"

Its a busy busy life I have. I could (and do) complain about it alot, but truth be told, I'd be quite lost without it. This is not to say that a change wouldn't be more than welcome.

We've had a really nasty flu virus in the house these last two weeks. Its one of those you can't pretend about. You get so sick that the usual ignoring it won't work and will in fact only grind you faster into the dirt, I know cuz I tried it. I thought that if I got a coat on and shoveled dirt in my soon-to-be vegetable patch, I'd realise that mind is greater than matter and I can over come.

I found myself stripped of all outer wear, sweating profusely and dizzy as shit, By the time I made it to the back door I was vomiting and ready to faint. The Mole found me keeled over on the back porch and ushered me into bed where I stayed for 6 hours without moving (and if you have a weak bladder like me, you will know how serious my condition was). I have never been a very good patient. I tend to think that perseverance IS ALL and that as long as you don't accept illness, it won't stay with you. It didn't work this time.

I am sooooo sick that just breathing is a problem. This will pass, cuz IT HAS TOO...I won't accept anything less. But today I am going to have a really hot bath, drink gallons of water (no wine today) and take my tylenol. Snuffy is mad cuz he's been ignored alot but he could use a change of pace as well. I have tons of pics to share as soon as I feel better and the family will leave me alone long enough to blog them.

Its nice to be back.