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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Sunday, April 30, 2006
Share, share alike
One more day and I have a whole new, empty Flickr account. I have pics of the Mole that I'm dying to show you. This will further my previous rant (for those who were reading) about the piggishness of a Mole...can a Mole be a pig? OH YEAH!!!

Otherwise, I have decided after 40 some years, that sharing is crap.
No more sharing for me.
I have shared every damn thing my entire life as it was a requirement. "Share with your little sister, share with your little brother" SHARE SHARE SHARE!
I have shared my time, my space, my energy, my love, my dinner right off my plate, my hospitality, my compassion, my make-up, my clothes, my food, my creativity, my cell phone, my money AND NOW....AND NOW they want to share my blog.....I DO NOT THINK SO.

I tried 4 times tonight to sit down a read my blog and post comments on other blogs and each time a family leach stood over my shoulder until, when I could not stand it any longer, I gave up and walked away.

Is this weird? I simply can't do it. Blogging and checking out blog friends is all mine and I do not want to share it. I WILL NOT SHARE IT.