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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Friday, April 28, 2006
Thinly Veiled Derision
It should be noted that I am not a vindictive, malicious sort of gal, but when thwarted, I smolder like a briquette, until I finally catch fire. This was not always my MO, as I am of Celtic blood and was known for my immediate and passionate response to things unfair, but with the passing of time, age and alot of red wine, I have mellowed considerably. It may also be noted that "life with The Mole" is somewhat brain squishing and there are times that I am so completely GOB-STOPPED that I have NO response at all. In fact, I may well have developed a "psycho-social disorder" as of late that has me hatching plots involving severe torture, mutilation and other FUN things involving The Mole as "victim". Maybe chasing the poor rodent around with a blow torch fricaseeing him like a BBQed marshmallow?
Upon reporting to me that he had given out my blog address to his parents, a moment of sheer "brain-dead-ness", he then looked at me like a 4 year old who had just pissed in my Cheerios. I pointed out to him (once I had found my squeaky voice), that this may have been a very BAD thing and all of a sudden The Mole muses and looks heavenward. An intense look appears on his otherwise "smug mug" and the implications of said act, is realized!!! He recovers with aplomb, and then blurts out the first ridiculous thing that pops into his wee brain which went like this; "well now you can become a BETTER BLOGGER!" God help me...

There were a number of excuses that required little but a look that would scorch the feathers off an owl in flight, and as time usually tells, my Welshness took hold and he was locked in my sights like a radar guided system. NO PLACE TO GO NOW- BROTHER!

He tried applying apologies like Polysporin to a third degree burn, but I would have none of it and called the savior, who is my brother, to bail me out (after asking him first if he'd post bail if I did something very bad). Big Brother, in his everlasting patience with me, supported me and agreed that I should NEVER AGAIN SHARE MY BLOG LIFE with The Mole.

So here is my heartfelt apology and plea that you return to visit.

I did so enjoy our social intercourse...let us resume our love fest -WITHOUT The Mole!!

He Is Not Invited!!