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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Saturday, January 14, 2006
Too many birthdays
Well, as they say in the U.K, "its been a day". Here in North America, that would be a good thing. The British are far more vague. "It has been a day" can mean just about anything, but what you know beyond a shadow of a doubt, is that it has been a doozie, good or bad.

So, do you really wanna know? There are elements of intrigue, guilt, dementia, lust, fury and sweet calm. That’s all I can say without revealing the details but I will say that life here on Foster is NEVER ever dull. I did get three pairs of new jeans, 6 pairs of socks (88 cents each) and a new mascara as a birthday prezzie from my "lubby duck". I am also supposed to make an appointment to get my hair cut (no buzz cuts) as an additional prezzie cuz I am so fabulous (and you know that means I haven't bitched at him lately). The only reason that I haven't bitched yet is cuz I fear that I cant remember where the off switch is and I may go on indefinitely, setting off a full-on war. I scare myself and my potential for devastation, but then I am in awe of ME cuz I somehow avoid it. Does this ring any bells? Am I going to Hell cuz I have sublimated all my fury? Will I be spending my golden years in a mental institution making macaroni pictures with flour and water?

Whatever...... we all seem to do the best we can, right? Maybe not the best cuz that would simply fuck everyone up so we do the best we can get away with. I'm doing the best I can get away with without being arrested, institutionalized or beaten.