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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Thursday, April 20, 2006
Havin’ Troubles
Over the last few weeks things have really been getting in the way of my blogging. Too many things to recount for you here but the latest is I've lost all my lovely desktop icons and have to wait on my Guru to come and set me straight AGAIN!!!

Easter was very very busy with family running in and out of our little house over a three day period. I worked two days and did the rest of the preparations in between but it felt as though I was only playing at it. Big get-togethers are usually more fun if I can prepare properly and be rested when everyone is around. This Easter, although George (the bird) was perfect, I was feeling too tired and sick to really enjoy everyone. That being said, everyone enjoyed themselves!!!

There were 10 of us around the table (including the boyfriend! -who is a great guy) -no, not my boyfriend- my daughters, silly. We drank too much, made stupid jokes, ate too much and laughed until our tummies hurt. Its so sad that we all live so far from each other and that we can only see each other on holidays. What a screwy world, huh? The Mole was so tired from a full day of "outdoorsy" activities that he actually fell asleep at the noisy table, with a beer in his hand!! Can you imagine that? Sitting up straight, holding a beer, sleeping!

The next day, The Mole (having had a few much needed hours of sleep) decided it was high time to initiate my sister, her Hubby and their two kids into "underground exploration" and took them into a nearby Conservation Area and made them scurry around under ground on their tummies. I expected alot of complaining from these city folk but they were animated and excited when they returned. They were also ravinous and in search of food (good thing George was a big boy as he made a ton of sandwiches).

The pictures are soon to be posted of this little adventure. I am waiting on my IT Guru to reinstall all my programs for me.

I hope you had a fun and enriching Easter holiday. Don't you just hate it though, when you can't buy stuff you desperately need because everything is closed! Augh.