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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Monday, April 24, 2006
Pre-emtive strike
I have been forwarned!! The Mole tells me that there is a nasty, scathing comment coming, but that he didn't have time to actually post it before going to work. He's gone and this gives me opportunity, and I'd be a fool not to take it.

I'm not privy to the content of his post, but I live here and I think I understand the psychological underpinnings of a man such as 'The Mole' better than anyone and although you may think you offer him refuge from all things domestic....BEWARE!!!

A mole is a rodent... It is a creature that likes to munch away on things in order to create a nesting situation with debris left behind. It usually lives underground and therefore NEVER sees the light! Athough it is cute to look at , IT BITES, and invariably leaves teeth marks and often unwanted reminders of its presence. May I, if you have the stomache for it, give you yet another piece of evidence of "mole-like" aftermath?

Whenever The Mole eats, ANYTHING AT ALL, he leaves a little on the plate. It matters, not whether he wanted to finish it or not, he leaves a little. I know that this means, (in his little mole mind), that he is not a glutton and that by leaving a little, he feels that he is entitled to eat more, a little while later. But to those who have to clean up sfter The Mole, it mean cleaning up and we all know what that entails. As we , here, in MOLE WORLD, live in an environmentally consciencious minded community know, disposing of refuse is not an easy, mindless job; it is a complicated job of doing away with that which you no longer want. WHY NOT EAT IT!!! You made it...eat it!

One more caviat...I,at this time, do not have the ability to post photos...but I WILL SOON, and when I , do there will be evidence! Stay tuned