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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Sunday, April 23, 2006
At last he sleeps so I have snuck into the computer room to post. The Mole has some kind of weird radar for the sound of the keyboard being used and if I'm not very very quiet, he'll jump out of bed, hair sticking out all over the place, to see who is blogging and why they have taken his spot.

Last nights rant was an example of the reparte that goes on around here all the time. Its a full-on competition of wits and I'm still flying ahead of the race (as usual). But I do love the challenge, however meager, and encoureage it whenever possible. I suppose for some we'd look pretty disfunctional, but "to each his own" right? The Mole feels the need to BEST me at all things and sometimes I let him think he can if he tries hard enough, puts enough effort into it or spends endless time on it. The trick is to allow him to feel that he's almost there, BUT NOT QUITE. This ensure a constant effort and fuel for my little smoldering fire.

And the nasty quote from Shakespere was a wee bit tepid, so try this one on for size there my darling little mole;

"Hast thou or word, or wit, or impudence that can yet do thee office?" (Measure For Measure).

He hasn't stirred yet but I just know that the first thing he'll do upon waking is check his blog so I'd better scurry off.

Do So Love A Scuffle!