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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Heat, Humidity and Horrible Hatred
The temperature is still somewhere in the high 80's here, but at least the humidity is tolerable. Truth be told, I am one of those unfortuneate types who feel as though they have no bones and their heads are ensconsed inside a nasty bubble, during humid days. I can't do a thing to change it and suffer as quietly as I can, but I am miserable.

The last two weeks have been a trial of mammoth proportion and I have done as much as was needed AND NOT A THING MORE! I have walked the dog, tidied the house, thrown in a couple of loads of laundry, counselled "Princess MustHaveA", coped with the "Baby Mole" and listened endlessly to the Mole about his work related issues. I have gone to work and been pleasant as I am able (offended nobody) and when I have completed all that was required of me, I have taken the dog for his last walk of the day and then....drowned myself in a cold bath and gone to bed.

This is not a overblown story (or underblown), it is exactly what I have had the energy to do. I really hate the humidity and wither in it. I swear more often, lose my cool with people who don't deserve it, drink too much and feel as though I could hop a plane, leave all those people I love and go somewhere cool.

On Saturday, I told the Mole that we were not spending one more hour in the house and were going to take a trip to visit my Big Brother on Lake Huron. I got up early in order to pack all the essential things like towels, sunscreen, water, dog leash and bowl, camera, etc. and, away we went.

It was a very long, hot ride,(with accidents of hideous sights), but when we were finally on the beach and splashing around in the water, I finally found a measure of sanity...and this is after 10 days of suffering. We took our chairs and settled into the surf, legs entwined, and waves rolling over us and for the first time in ages, I felt NORMAL. Puppy was delirious with joy, I was finally relaxed and all was right with the world! My world, at least.

So....how have you been coping? If you are burdened by humidity the way I am, you will know how I have been. I can deal with just about anything and do , almost daily. But when the weather sucks everything good out of me, I don't even like myself.

Give me waves. Give me a beach and I'll give you the best of me in the summer.

So Sayeth the menopausal one!!