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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Sooooooo tired.
Hate me, slander me, call me names if you must. I have been one lazy blogger and I have only one excuse. My space shuttle mission to Mars has created so many scheduling problems, I've not been able to get to the PC. What with every "expert" showing off their own special abilities and grandstanding for the spotlight, I've been required to be at news conference after news conference and I have to tell you, I'm exhausted.

Besides that....I feel terrible. I am so tired of being sick and tired that I'm about to petition the Medical Journals to include Snuffelitis as "a condition that attacks tired, working women(who should be retired and lazing about) with lazy grown children who still live at home and a husband who wouldn't know a laundry hamper if it reared up and bit him" . Treatment: Eviction of grown children, whipping into shape of lazy husband and DIVA attention accompanied with several bottles of red wine to be served whilst patient lies in hammock and reads latest crime novels. Of course, this treatment takes roughly 2 months to have its full therapeutic effect.

So, "why Mars", you ask? I would have said Venus but I'm just too tired to go that far at the moment. Maybe on my next mission.