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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Monday, June 26, 2006
A Day Of Pampering

Originally uploaded by arlunydd.
Evidence of the Mars/Venus debate is the description of Puppy's bath day. I called it "The Puppy Pampering Spa" and The Mole called it "The Canine Cleansing Facility". Either way, we feel it has improved the quality of our lives immeasurably (especially that barn-like aroma that used to permeate the house). As you can see by the photo, Puppy isn't too impressed, but at least he tolerates our incessant "clean" fetish.

The two BATH BAYS can be used simultaneously but upon arriving at the spa, we encountered a really nasty beast who wanted to eat my puppies leg before bathing. I felt it best to let the savage hound have the entire facility to himself. His owner not only bathed him judiciously, but then after the time had run out, decided to allow us to wait a further 15 minutes in the scorching hot sun while she groomed her miserable hound from head to toe. The Mole had to be gagged as his angry comments were getting louder and louder and I was affraid he'd get to meet the nasty hound, FACE TO FACE, if he continued.

One bathing choice on the dial was Skunk De-Scent, and I'll let you guess whether or not we used it....