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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Thursday, June 29, 2006
Just some things
Somethings about me that you don't know and may not want to know;

1) I sit cross legged, with one leg propped up on the table when I blog.
2) I despise reading directions ON ANYTHING and therefore never get all the information and usually bug people to help me.
3) I've always been ADHD but when I was a kid it was considered "enthusiastic and lacking concentration", (according to all my teachers).
4) I smoke.
5) I drink.
6) I swear.
7) If something requires more time in the planning than in the execution ---NOT!
8) I watch a certain soap opera ( I even tape it when I'm at work), FOR SHAME!!!
9) I don't read the newspaper and don't watch the news, lifes' depressing enough.
10) I think bloggers should have a convention where they get to meet each other, drink copious amount of booze and run around swapping ideas for two days, somewhere where there is an ocean and sunshine and cute waiters!

More info than you wanted?