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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Sunday, July 23, 2006
Splatter splatter, lets get atter
I really admire all you bloggers who stick to it even when all else seems to conspire against. I find it difficult to be humorous or entertaining when I ache, I'm sweaty as hell and I'm working all the time. All I do at times like these is complain and bellyache and even I get tired of listening to ME!!!

I have excuses, as I have mentioned before, but they sound pretty lame. I have worked non-stop (with the exception of Saturday, when I spent 4 hours in lake Huron) and visiting my brother. After today (Sunday - which I spent running around doing things for everyone else), I will be working for 12 straight days. All my staff and stand-by people are enjoying their summer and I have to keep the boat afloat!! Such is the life of a small business person.

BUT....what I will be doing for the next 5 days (after work is over and I have walked the dog) is my Michelangelo impression!!! YEP...back to the ceiling painting that I started in December before Princess MustHaveA came home from the west coast.

You see, the idea was that both kids were gone from their family home, eager to make their way in the world and find happiness and success. It lasted 3 months! Baby Mole had to come home to his room as he had buried himself in financial trouble, and 3 months later Princess MustHaveA came home after her heart was broken and the west held no glimmer of its former self. The room I had begun to paint was to be my studio, a place where all my creative things surrounded me and inspired me to do great things. That room was the one vacated by the Princess, who has since returned TO STAY!!! Boomerang kids!

Anyhow, the Princess is away for an entire week and I have pulled out the ladder, my paint and brushes and bought my wine. The Ghetto blaster is wired up and tomorrow I begin anew! I will keep you posted on the progress I make and until next Tuesday, that room is ALL MINE again!

There is nothing in the world more luring than a blank wall (or ceiling). They just call out for the Snuffy Touch. If I had my was , and there have been times I have, All walls and ceilings would be covered in murals.

Maybe I'll take a pic when I'm done!