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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Sunday, January 29, 2006
So, the curry was adequate. Not hot enough for my taste but I had to keep others in mind. There was no wine to swill with it cuz the "mole" was out with the car all day digging out yet another cave and didn't come home until all the stores were closed. Curry just doesn't hit the mark without a good Cab/Sauv.

Snuffy is still annoyed with me as I haven't spent real quality time with him this weekend. Its been pissing rain and its cold as hell, so all walkies are done on pavement instead of at his favorie spot -The Pit.

The "mole" came home from a day of digging under ground, on his usual high. Nothing like spending 9 hours under ground, wet, covered in mud and squeezed into a claustrophic space....YEAH, good times! He was thrilled to report that he's getting a wet suit so that he can submerge totally into water under ground in future and I dutifully said "great". Can't believe I said "great" , I should have said "Are you fucking retarded?" But no, I said "great". Great God, are you nuts? Great, now you can stay dry while you suffocate! Great balls of fire, you must have totally lost a grip.

The "mole" has mole-like friends who share his enthusiasm. They are all alike in that they are just plain strange intheir various ways. Nurds, might be a good description, yet they are all kinda interesting in their own whacky way. The "mole" so loves his passtimes that he even wrote a book on the subject so that he can share with all other moles around the country.
Its called Rock Watching - if you get the itch.

Time to get ready for work. I spent two hours searching for my keys this morning and gave up, leaving phone messages for people who could let me into my shop. I then thought I'd try to think like a "Chelsea" as she had tidied up yesterday, and this usually means "shove things in drawers so nobody can see them", and there they were. Never mind, the house looked good and I was pleased enough at the time.

Hi Ho Hi Ho