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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Sunday, February 05, 2006
Everything is Relative
My idea of healing and the Moles idea of healing are very far apart. I do, however, appreciate the sentiment he brings to these moments. After my UGLY day, the Mole felt I needed to get out of the house and do something fun. "A nice walk in a beautiful spot is what you need", he says. "We'll take Snuffy and he'll have a great time too".

It was windy but dry, even though the sky was grey. We bundled up, got in the car and drove to a gypsum quarry in a little place called Paris. Sounds good so far? A nice walk in Paris!!! HA!

The wind picked up to the point where we could no longer talk without shouting, Then it began to rain a bit, then the rain began to pelt down with incredible force. By now we are a long way into the quarry and soaked to the skin. Wet, cold and still a little steamed from my bad day, we decide to head back to the car. Now the rain turns to ice pellets, snow starts joining in the fun and the wind is howling around us. Even the dog is looking alittle befuddled by our choice of
"walkies". By the time we returned to the car, we were drenched through to the skin, frozen and unable to speak and we had an almost two hour ride home due to traffic accidents all along the way.

A romantic gone all wrong , is my Mole. He means well and his idea did, in fact, work. I was so glad to get home and into warm clothes, I forgot all about my shitty day.