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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Saturday, June 10, 2006
A Moles' Natural Habitat

Originally uploaded by arlunydd.
Is it any wonder that The Mole is a disaster around the house. Really, how can one expect a creature such as this to feel the need for "the comforts of home" when he is most happy in a place such as this!

After he showed me a set of these pictures, I requested that, in future, he keep all photos such as these away from my poor fragile eyes. Intellectually, I know what he does every weekend, but -really, do I need to be reminded with photos of said event? I feel my heart rate speed up and sweat break out on my forehead when I think of a place like that. Aside from the fact that breathing would be a tad difficult, just think of the creepy bug possibilities!!!

Then theres the "getting stuck" thing...which I just can't fathom without nightmares. So, I try not to be smacked in the face with this stuff. However, when he gets home, he's like some kind of kid with ADHD, thats been fed six pounds of oreo cookies washed down with quarts of chocolate milk. There is NO DENYING HIM!

After a hectic slithering afternoon they all treated themselves to burgers and onions rings at O'Neill's in Kenilworth. The Mole and his friend had the "Pugger Burgers" - Famous 1 LB. burger with bacon, cheese on a kaiser and your choice of garnishes, includes onion rings........$6.99

Good thing they didn't stop at O'Neill's first, huh?