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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Thursday, June 15, 2006
SEXY NEW Dog Bathing Facility Designed For Especially Bad Smelling Puppies (Guelph Dog Owner Rejoices)
The clouds have parted and the sun has shone through. All is fabulous in my tiny world today as I have found a "Mothers Little Helper" that really helps!

For the last two years I have had to bathe poor Puppy in the back yard in a Little Tykes plastic pool, in freezing cold water (winter, Spring, Summer and Fall). This is no easy feat, I can tell you as weighing in at 127lbs, he hardly fit in the first place. But Puppy had to be bathed frequently as he stunk like dead fish ALL THE TIME. This is a symptom of his hypo-thyroid condition and not his fault, but nevertheless, was the cause of many a nasty comment regarding my hapless hounds cologne.

The process has been a painful but nessessary one and one I have undertaken with the patience of a saint, but also, one neither of us looked forward to. There was always the fear that soap was left in his fur, that he wouldn't dry properly, thus causing further stench throughout the house and surrounding neighborhood and worst of all, the limits placed on visits to places where the human folk have an aversion to DOGGY STENCH!(and there are plenty, I can tell you).

So it was a truly happy day when, during our routine morning walk at The Pit, a lovely Scottish gentleman stopped to talk with me (he too had a large Golden Retreiver) and happened to mention a place he took "Harley" after he had rolled in a dead skunk! My ears pricked and I stopped him, asking him to please repeat what he had just said, and to my utter and complete joy, I learned of The Doggy Spa!!!! A car wash bay, converted into a wonderful walk in doggy bathing area. This fantastic idea HAD to be invented by a dog owner who suffered as I have with a stinking hound.

OH....wonder of wonders! For the next three Saturdays, Snuffy is taking a trip to the car wash with me. We might turn this thing into an every weekend excursion as it cost a measley $5 and the benefits are a sweet smelling puppy and a house that no longer smells like a barn.

Doggy Spas' in every city, I say!!!