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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Tuesday, June 06, 2006
YUP... waisted again. I wasn't planning on it this time, it just happened. Got back from the most beautiful place in Ontario, put our shit away, dealt with the ever present "parent" stuff, and WHOOPEE!, found a frozen bottle of vodka in the freezer and .....

Here's the weird thing. When we left for our trip I was so fucked up. I worried about the dog, I worried about the kids, I worried about our parents, I just plain worried so much that my ulcer was playing hell with me and I had a headache that could blind a bat.

18 hours into our trip I said to the Mole "My stomache is good and I don't have a headache anymore'.....WHAT DOES THIS TELL YOU.

On the way home, I desperately hung on to the feeling that we could freeze frame this feeling when, we hit the outskirts of our home city and the Mole said, "Gotta go get the dog from Mum and Dads" and NOT A WORD OF A LIE, the sky clouded over and it promised a big old storm.

A storm is exactly what we got. From my side of the family tree and from the Mole's side too. I will never say that I would be better off without family, but there are times when I feel that the best interests of my marriage are NOT their foremost concern, and it really pisses me off because we are available at all times for anyone who needs us and we try SOOO FUCKING HARD TO BE THERE FOR EVERYONE that it would be really nice if....

ah, fuck it.