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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Friday, May 26, 2006
I used to think that you bought a house for all the lovely things you got with the house like; bathrooms, square feet, finished floors, etc. I have revised that idea since living in my neighbourhood.

We bought this house 5 years ago as it was a very solid red brick in a good area of town, "Sunny Acres", and it was a huge step up from where we were living before. The house needed, and still needs work, the garden was a bowling alley which we soon took care of and the puppy (then 7 months old) needed some new friends. The kids stayed at the same school, our jobs remained the same so eveything was good.

5 years later, I am here to say that I will never look at buying a house the same way. When we bought our house, we acquired a neighborhood! And I mean a real neighbohood with people who stop to talk to you, watch out for you, make sure that when you are away your mail is in, play with your dog, lend you sugar, baking pans, give you plants, etc.

Then there is our summer "Street Party"!!! Its fabulous and everyone from all the streets around are invited to join in. There are Harley rides, BBQ's, bands and lousy singers, drinks in plastic cups and alot of laughter.

Melissa, if you read my blog, Gill, if you read it too, come to the street party. Its June 3rd I think.

I'm a lucky lady to have such a great place in the world to call home.