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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Friday, June 09, 2006
My Latest Excuse
I've been a very bad blogger recently. I keep telling myself that nobody is inside these days and therefore, nobody is reading my blog. Then I got a blast from BB who is my Blog-conscience, telling me that I have a responsibility to those who read my blather and must not disappoint. But really, take a look at my paradise and tell me you wouldn't rather be lolling around in a hammock, smelling the Bee Balm?

Tonight I am inside as it turned cold and I'm so tired after our latest foray that, while sitting quietly at work today, I found myself nodding off. If it weren't for the nasty poison oak rash itching me like crazy, I would have been snoring and drooling when the next customer came in to buy beads. Thats a pretty picture, huh?

All outings and holidays with the Mole include some form of nasty reminder. There are the blisters from walking miles and miles in boots in a mud bog, thereby resulting in blisters; there are the many thousands of bug bites like Deer Fly, Horse Fly, Black Fly and Mosquito to be scratched into infection and later treated with whatever antibiotic is handy. There are the many cuts and bruises acquired by sraping against the inside of nasty cave walls covered in God knows what fungus. There is the sunburn, the windburn and the many many sore muscles to be calmed with warm baths and A535.

Tonight, I soak in a hot bath of baking soda in hopes of a nights sleep without scratching myself bloody by morning. I'm taking the calamine lotion up with me too and if I have to I'll pour it over myself - and to hell with the sheets.

I will say that there have been no dull moments in my marriage to this crazy wild man. Never one to exert myself, I am continually finding myself in these situations where I must prove that I'm not the BIG BABY he thinks I am.

Having fantasies about an All Inclusive trip to a resort where I get up at 11am from my comfy Queen sized bed, order room service, lay by the pool until 5pm, go out for dinner, have a nap, go to a R&B bar for music and cocktials and finally drop back into bed around midnight.

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