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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Whiskey, wine and weeds
Ran out of red wine, had no vodka left as Baby Mole took the last of it to a party a few weekends ago. Even the Sambucca was gone, hefted off to the long weekend campout with Princess MustHaveA. This left me with a choice of crappy, Creme de Cocao or Famous Grouse (which I've been trying to hoist onto my big brother for ages, he's a Red Label kind of guy).

The Famous Grouse won out, but...WOOHOO...,not at all sure I should be doing this. Thank goodness for "spellcheck". This may be a big drunken mistake! But I just know that you'll all forgive my dozey ramblings. I'm not a whiskey drinker normally, but when there is no wine left, I do what all true partiers do...I find the next best thing.

I was going to weed and tend to my front garden this afternoon, but that plan is nixed now. The neighbours will see me, start conversations, want to know "Hows the family?".

That would be fucking horrible, because, when I drink...I TELL THE TRUTH! And then...Oh my god...they'd all know! Can't have that..no no no.

Must hide. I will go into the back yard and weed the flower beds quietly (and that means no playing with the dog), as Greg and Ester will hear me and want to have a conversation! Instead, I will try to hum a little ditty (quietly) to myself as I yank out, rip and tear the evil little weedy bastards out of my beloved garden!!!

Of course, the next visitors will drop by, ask to see the garden and the Mole will proudly take them back and basque in the glory of all the compliments. No...he will not say, "But, No It's Not Me You Should Be GIving This Praise To...It's Maggie Who Does ALL The Hard Work". Which, is in fact the case. Oh dear, I believe whiskey has turned me into a nasty drunk!

Thats it. I am going to frolick in the garden with my dog, sing Irish ditties and "To Hell" with anyone who doesn't like it.