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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Laughing Out Loud!
Just watched Russel Peter and Robin Williams, "Live" in New York. Think I need a Tylenol for my aching sides. Now that theres nothing decent on TV to watch any more, I gave Baby Mole the job of recording some DVD's for me..these were the first 2. This is going to be a tough summer, I think.

Now, there is one thing that both my kids have in spades (in fact, my entire family) and thats "a really fine-tuned sense of humour". It started when they were really young (like 18 months old) and has developed, exponentially, since then. Sometimes I think that we are a bit OVER THE TOP with our idea of funny, but then thats what we are!

Now, Russel Peters is a western Indian. Immigrant parents, western influence. And can he zero in on all our racial biases and foibles! The guy is brilliant, pointing out stereotypes without the sharp edges. An hour of him and I thought I needed a break.

THEN, Robin Williams...I have ALWAYS admired and feared this guy. His mind is like a DVD on Fast Forward that switches stations every few seconds. He is so well informed, razor sharp and fucking hilarious, that you hardly have time to absorb one joke before he's moved on to the next.

So its been two hours now and my face is hurting, my sides ache and the dog is exhausted from watching me interact with the TV! A first, I think. He's perturbed and wants to get away from the "Crazy Lady".

I've gotta find something weird or serious to do now or I'll have bizarre dreams of Robin WIlliams with a water bottle, imitating a 50 year old having sex on viagra! NO CAN DO! Need some CSI....corpses, blood, weapons, bad guys. That'll make me sleep.