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Cadw'r Ddysgl yn Wastad
Saturday, January 28, 2006
One Saturday
Saw my friend Cam this morning. I never get to see him anymore as he moved to Toronto and although its only an hours drive, I never get there. Cam is the same. Still crazy, entertaining and lovable and we drank too much bad coffee and caught up on the events of our lives.

We walked around downtown Guelph afterward commenting on the various weirdness we saw, making up stories about strangers and laughing until our sides ached.

Then I went to the bulk food store and bought wild rice, pumkin seeds, and dried cranberries (cause I'm trying to eat better) and then went to the market to buy Snuffy some marrow bones as a peace offering. I left him at home and I NEVER leave Snuffy at home unless I'm going to work. He was sulking when I got back and looked at the bone as if I was trying to poison him. I actually had to sit on my back steps and watch him before he would consider the offering.

Such is life with Snuffy. He's still angry but I think a walk will bring him around to my way of seeing things.

The curry is bubbling away on the stove in preparation for supper (gotta run out and buy wine), the house is reasonably tidy and I'm going to soak my bones in a hot bath. And thats it for my Saturday. Not so bad really.